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Curating the most profitable end-to-end commercial strategies based on real-time customer profiling, specific social tendencies and market dynamics.


Customer Insights & Due Diligence

predictive retailing 

experiential marketing


Customer Acquisition

Data-Driven Optimisation



Conversion Uplift



Customer Experience Improvement



Consumption is a dynamic journey from inspiration to purchase. The journey and the consumer are complicated and ambiguous. Radius dives into localities and helps retailers understand these shopping journeys and consumers. 

Locate, Identify, Explain

and Report  


Radius brings social science and the latest advancements of data science to plot the holistic and granular view of local consumers and Social DNAs.

  • Locating commercial hubs that consumers prefer to understand existing consumption behaviours;

  • Identifying local consumers;

  • Explaining the demographics, psychographics, likes & interests, and lifestyle preferences of identified consumers;

  • Linking customer reviews, commercial product and service offerings to analyse multiple dimensions of consumption;

  • Reporting and sharing insights to help retailer grow.





Relating Local Social DNA

to Brand Identity


Radius analysis the correlation of brands' offerings with existing consumer preferences and profiles. The correlation results are presented in bespoke ways to maximize profitability.

Consumers get frustrated when retailers fail to meet their expectations and personalize their offerings. The fragmented journeys make it very challenging to understand what their customers expect from them.

  • Curating merchandising strategies about what products should be stocked and displayed at local stores;

  • Sharing alternative products and services that are available to local consumers;

  • Adapting brands' pricing strategy based on consumption levels and alternatives;

  • Analyzing competitor customer reviews to recommend brands how to differentiate their offerings;

  • Providing store opening and leasing strategies.



Effectively create and monitor all your campaigns across three different channels; Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords.

Analyze, Inspire, Curate and

Create Campaigns



Automate your Experiential Strategies, Digital Ad and Newsletter campaigns. Matching shared values, likes and interests between the brand and customers. 

  • Automated marketing and communication efforts;

  • Personalizing the content and creative of strategies;

  • Favour no-integration access and quickly create engaging strategies;

  • Keep connected with your customers by sending them relevant newsletter.

experiential marketing 


Lead generation, advertising and marketing are the lifeblood of your business. It all comes together if the right product is presented to right shopper. We will automate the matching of most effective efforts and customers beyond your commerce hubs.


Optimize Campaign Performance

with Fully Autonomous Targeting 


Seamless tool to understand the preferences of potential customers. By presenting them with the right creative, you will increase your sales. 

  • Hyper-granular prospecting to lifestyle preferences, interests, demographics, psychographics and all fully automated.

  • Our AI and rule-based features will guide you to make sense of your CRM and marketing tools.

  • Make the most out of your marketing budget. 

  • Easy setup and the best way to reach the right customers. ​​

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Loyalty Faster

Selling Beyond Commerce Platforms

Styling & Matching

Higher ROI


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WHISTYLE.COM is the affiliate sales channel for World famous fashion brands!

Consumption Behaviours




Taste of



 A.I. Powered Location Intelligence Engine 

We have built the Radius fashion engine so that brands could empower the degree of empathy with their clients.

The intelligence of the Radius consumer engine comes from the deep analyses in:

demographics; psychographics; consumption; consumer biases & profiles; and market dynamics.




Fashion search engine that personalises the content from various brand product catalogues for each unique visitor.

Due dillegence

Feasibility report on local consumer profiles and market dynamics for shopping centers.

store opening

Commercial Viability report listing relevant Food & Beverage service providers for local consumers.


Conceptual service was designed for Unilever, Axe (Lynx) based on customer insights from Radius Intelligence Engine.

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