Listening to Consumers for Meaningful Engagement

Connecting fragmented customer journey from inspiration to purchase

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Advanced technology that informs retailers in real-time about market demands and specific social tendencies.

Localized consumption


IN-Depth Consumer Profiling

Reasoning Algorithm

Radius integrates multiple datasets and links them together to create a complete description of a community. According to Gartner, 80% of data created is unstructured and therefore, ineligible to process. To overcome this, Radius developed advanced analysis methods in-house.

 Radius A.I. Powered Fashion   Intelligence Engine 

Radius aggregates real activities of consumers from social media and geosocial data and uses demographic tendencies as additional insight. Accessing real-time information on location-specific consumer behaviour, personalities and sentiment provides a much better understanding of local communities.


Enabling commercial real estate investors, planners and operators to improve their day-to-day commercial strategies by matching their offerings to local consumer expectations. 



4. Consumption

3. Profile

2. Engage

1. Product

Analysing local consumption patterns and preferences based on existing and missing units in the area.

Rich customer profiles with demographic; psychographic; taste & preference details.

Curating engagement strategies based on local consumer profiles.

Adjusting commercial strategies by linking product and service offering details of your brand.












Radius technology defines each piece in a product catalogue by their unique features. These features are modelled through expert data points; sizing, manufacturer and design data sets.  

Over 50 unique data points to distinguish and to construct the profile of a single product.

Radius technology tracks down all the online and offline fashion fingerprints. Exploiting Radius sophisticated data architecture, these fully anonymous fingerprints are transformed into actual consumer profiles and behaviours.

The new dataset synthesis consists enriched prospects from demographics and psychographics.

The formed quadrillions of datasets allow Radius to facilitate a seamless customer onboarding process. Result is a highly-granulated customer profile validated by the historic, on-site and traditional data sources.






Fashion search engine that personalises the content from various brand product catalogues for each unique visitor.

Due dillegence

Feasibility report on local consumer profiles and market dynamics for shopping centers.

store opening

Commercial Viability report listing relevant Food & Beverage service providers for local consumers.


Conceptual service was designed for Unilever, Axe (Lynx) based on customer insights from Radius Intelligence Engine.

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