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Localize to Grow

Creating growth strategies by identifying social DNA and consumption patterns of local consumers

Consumption Info

for any Postcode

Consumer Profiling for 15% of Consumers

Historic Real-Time Dataset incl. Covid-19

Product and Service Data for 85M+ Brands

City Traffic

with Placemaking A.I.

Craft places that champion social value, boost local economies, and spotlight destinations on the global stage.

1 Analyzing Community Sentiments, Understanding Diverse Perspectives Empowering Community

Empowering Community Voices with A.I.

Insights for Policy Makers: 
Analyzing Community Sentiments, Understanding Diverse Perspectives

Movement for Social Change

A social responsibility platform working to combat types of violence based on gender inequality.

Smart City Location Intelligence Consumer Insights Catchment Analysis

Revitalise High-Street
with A.I.

Providing an in-depth understanding of the local community preferences, and finding the best-fit tenants.

Fashion Business Intelligence Data Solution Competitor Analysis

Want to Follow Fashion Closely

Actionable insights to improve Small Fashion Businesses’ key operational aspects.

Create Inclusive Education Tools for Defence 

The Hybrid Threat Rising game designed by Radius Tech Defence provides an accessible solution for PME.


Innovate UK Smart Grants Sustainable Innovation Fund
Enterprise Europe Network EEN
Google for Startups Innovation
Amazon Web Services AWS
Centre for fashion Entreprise London College of Arts
European Innovation Council Horizon2020 EIC Accelerator


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